Landscape Services

Patios, Pavers, Paths & Walkways

Connecting your landscape
Stone Walkway

Adding a garden path to your landscape can both look good and provide useful functionality. Walkways in your landscape are used in many ways.

• Connect the front yard to the back yard
• Provide access from patios to gates and/or a side yard
• Tie one patio to another
• Lead from your driveway to your front door

Crushed gravel path

The cost conscious client may opt for a crushed gravel path. Fine gravel compacts very tightly and works almost as well as concrete at a fraction of the price.

Slate Walkways

Natural stone adds beauty and value to your home. There are different installation styles and foundation installation options:

• Stepping Stones- Individual pieces of slate are set for ease of walking. You may add steppables in the joints of a stepping stone pathway. Steppables are ground covers that tolerate foot traffic. They come in different varieties for shade or sun with varying tolerances to foot traffic.
• Stepping Stones with Narrow Joints- Used for pathways 3 or more feet wide this is the best option.

Foundation Options
• Sand set path, 2’ of compacted sand base and sand between joints. This installation is simpler and costs less.
• For a more durable installation we put a 5” compacted gravel base beneath and use polymer sand in the joints. The result is a mortared look that helps keep weeds and insects out.


For a more formal appearance, you may prefer a pathway made from pavers. Pavers come in many colors and sizes with beveled or straight edges. Large pavers, called Architectural Slabs, usually sized at 24”, 18” and 12” squares are available in limited colors.

Challenging Design Elements

We have a solution for whatever your landscape

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls not only offer a solution to slopes and hillsides, but they have many more possibilities. When constructed of stone, retaining walls blend into the landscape. Concrete block walls offer a different effect, usually more bold. Both, when professionally installed, are durable and last for a long time.

Boulders & Rock

Natural boulder settings can be a beautiful accent to your yard as well as a necessary part of your landscape. The use of stone in your landscape creates a natural feel or dramatic interest. Stones partner naturally with foliage and water.

Steep Slopes

Do you have a steep slope in the area you wish to landscape? Boulders mixed with plantings can substitute for a retaining wall and can retain slopes in a more natural way.

Dry Stream Beds

You might add boulders and rock to your landscape as dry stream beds.

Lawns & Planting Services

Lawns and plants that thrive

Soil & Site Prep

One of the most important aspects of a successful landscape is the site and soil preparation are essential to all our projects. Amendment of soil with organic materials conditions the soil to assure that plants will flourish. This ensures that the new landscape will be enjoyable for many years to come, and that your landscape will be healthier and easier to maintain. Detailed grading of the site, assures proper drainage of water away from your home or building.

At FLI Landscape we have the equipment, knowledge, manpower and creative eye to complete this aspect of the project. To the client, this means a higher quality job because we have control over what we’re creating and are responsible for its outcome.

Lawn Install

Need a new lawn that not only looks good now, but also stays that way?
Installing a lawn in your landscape adds beauty and increases the living space in your yard. We will install a durable lawn that will last for many years.

Initial Lawn Planning
To ensure success, a few things must be considered.
• What do you want from your lawn?
• Do you have an existing lawn? If so, why do you want to replace it?
• How do you plan to care for your new lawn?

Selecting the Turf Grass
Today you have numerous viable options for the Gorge.
• Sod is grass and the part of the soil beneath it held together by the roots, or a piece of thin material.
• Hydro Seeding is a planting process that uses a slurry of seed and mulch. It is often used as an alternative to the traditional process of sowing dry see.

Planting Services

Perennial planting: Plants give a landscape its character and brings your outdoor living space to life. Perennials provide a wide variety of forms and color. Some perennials are as showy and colorful as annuals and when grouped together offer subtle and elegant beauty. Plants offer color, light, shadows, fragrance and texture in the landscape. The possibilities are endless.

Water Features & Lighting

The final touches

Outdoor Lighting

Low voltage lights can illuminate your landscape at night, providing beauty, safety and security, bringing it to life in a way you may never have imagined. Cleverly placed lights can create a mood, showcase special plants, trees or art, and create exotic shadows. The entire character of your landscaped garden transforms with lighting.

Water Features

The beauty of water in the landscape is undeniable. The color and depth change with each season and the rising and setting of the sun everyday.